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Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with 90 latest generation high speed SULZR (Projectile) weaving machine and 50 Ruti-"C" weaving machines with high pick insertion rate which are capable of producing wide variety of fabrics. All our fabrics meet the specific promised standards.

Our preparatory machines are state of art high speed computerized warping and sizing machines from Benninger which makes beams perfect for high level efficiency compared to the commercial preparatory machine.

Ware house is fully equipped with electronic measuring system for accuracy of cloth length to 0.001 mm accuracy and fully fledged for both roll as well as bale packing.

We follow the prestigious American 4 point system in piece grading which is followed only by a few quality conscious textile mills and also maintain a very stringent piece length standard in packing.

Our weaving unit comprises of :
36 nos. Sulzer machines - Model PU 130 ES 120 E10 D1 having 130" reed space. 5 nos of these Sulzer machines are with batching motion
10 nos. Somet Rapier SM93 Model Looms having 90” reed space with Jacquard 1344 hooks
High Speed wraping machine from Benninger India Ltd.
Twin sow-box sizing machine with synchro-four system from Amba Machine Works Pvt. Ltd.
Inspection, checking, roll & bale packaging equipments

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