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We are knowned all over the world over for our high quality quality cotton yarns. Our product shows neat spinning, durability, color fastness, requisite elasticity, etc., which some of the features that competently market our range of our knitting yarn, weaving yarn, combed knitting yarn, organic cotton yarn etc. in international marketplace.

Open End Yarns
Ne 2's to Ne 30's
Carded for weaving and knitting use in single multifold (2 ply to 10 ply)
Ring Spun Carded Yarns
Ne 10's to Ne 40's
Auto coned spliced and non-auto coned 'EYC' yarns of different grades for knitting and weaving uses. We can supply multifold yarn also.
Ring Spun Combed Yarns
Ne 20's to Ne 100's
From best quality raw cotton with emphasis on contamination and evenness control. Yarns are auto coned spiced/siro cleared, to minimise contamination, for knitting and weaving uses.

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